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Protein and Nutrition Supplements:

Here at HCLF we believe exercise and nutrition is the key to success whatever your goals may be whether its weight gain or weight loss.


Fresh protein shakes

To support our customers in their training we offer freshly made whey protein shakes at the gym.  This helps to supply your body with the amino acids it needs to promote recovery and to help you build muscle strength and size whilst burning fat.  After exercise there is a window of about 30 minutes, when the intake of proteins stimulates muscle protein synthesis at maximum levels.

We also offer a range of sports supplements to help you achieve your goals.

For information on the “GoProtein” products we sell please click on this link:


C4 - Pre Workouts are designed to increase performance based on the ingredients within them. Generally, pre workout supplements can affect some or all of the following things: strength, energy, stamina, and muscle building potential.

BCAA - BCAAs are designed to increase lean muscle growth, and to assist in weight loss. AS well as this they assist in reducing muscle soreness meaning you can can keep coming to the gym!

Bars - Bars packed with protein to help you recover from a workout quicker! A tastier way of getting in your balanced diet! Available in a range of flavours!!

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